Your awesome wedding

All of our wedding work is custom. Our process follows a few simple steps. Step 1: hear from you Step 2: brainstorm based on your input Step 3: deliver awesome work for your wedding that you couldn't get elsewhere Step 4: get invited to your wedding because you're so thrilled with everything. Steps 1-3 are on the house. 



When in need of something tiny, classy, and playful, just ask us about our custom coasters. If you're inspired by what we made, we can make the same for you or we can use it as inspiration to make you something unique for your wedding. You can use them as coasters or a way to keep other people from stealing your drink.

A cool breeze

Honestly, we'd never made fans before. But a customer had an awesome idea and we ran with it. If you've got a concept, share it, and we'll make it happen. We'll also take every tiny detail into consideration. In this case, the floral pattern around the edge of the fan matched the exact pocket square the groom was wearing.



Woodn't you?

Birch wood invite suite? Check. Letterpressed with black ink and a flare for humor? Check. If you're interested in something like this, or exactly this, just say "Wood you make that for me?"

Interested in getting started? Just send us a note about yourselves, your wedding, your budget, and what you're hoping to do.

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